Our Wood Wedding Rings

There's more than just one good reason our wood rings are all created with carbon fiber. Of course we love carbon but that isn't the driving reason. Our real natural wood rings are handcrafted with an aerospace grade carbon fiber interior allowing the classic look of wood, but with the added durability and strength only achievable with modern materials. And because of the variation of wood grain, each ring will have a slightly different appearance. It will be a unique snowflake, just like you.

All of our wood wedding rings are stabilized with a proprietary stabilizing method that allows our wood rings to be much more durable than other wood rings, like bentwood rings. Stabilizing our wood rings is a long and laborious process, but it yields a much better result, giving you a wood ring that is built to last a lifetime.

Each one of our men’s wood bands is handcrafted to create a unique wedding ring for you and your partner. Our standard designs were created with the intention of giving everyone a truly unique piece, however if you want something more unique we can make custom wood rings. Our design team will work with you to create your own custom ring with almost any material you can imagine. Do you want a titanium and wood ring, or a tungsten wood ring? We can do that for you, just reach out to our team or visit our custom ring page to get your personalized custom wood ring.

Why Wood Rings

Wood rings bring nature back into your life, actually right on your finger. If you love wandering through the forest, grew up climbing trees, or just like breathing fresh oxygen, a wood ring might be right for you.

Wood rings make the perfect companion for your wedding ring. Wood rings have a classic and rustic style making them a perfect wedding ring for you or your man. Our wood wedding rings come from upcycled and sustainable sources making them eco friendly so you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to any deforestation. Wedding rings made from wood are a historically significant way to show your love to your partner. With different wood species having their own significance and symbolism you can get a wood ring that symbolizes your everlasting love.

There are a lot of different reasons to choose a wood ring for your wedding ring. Wood rings are a great way to express your personal style by choosing something with a classic look. Wood rings also allow you to create something unique and personal for your wedding ring. You can choose from our selection of woods or use your own. If you have a special wood that symbolizes your love, you can use that to make your wood ring. A wedding band made from wood can be whatever you want it to be.

Wood Ring Symbolism

With so many different species of woods we thought it would be a good idea to break it all down for you. There is a lot that goes into making each wood ring and the species of wood that we use all have their own special meanings. We’ll go through the difference between softwoods and hardwoods, the different types of wood, and wood ring symbolism.

Softwoods are types of wood that come from conifer trees. Basically any tree that produces needles and cones is a softwood tree. These are your pines, cedars, spruce, firs, and redwoods. These types of woods are historically used in building or industrial applications rather than in jewelry. However, all of these different species of wood can be used to make a wedding ring. A common reason that softwoods are not used to make wedding rings is because they often don't have a distinct grain pattern like their hardwood counterparts.

Hardwoods are types of wood that come from deciduous trees, which is any tree that produces seeds and leaves. These are your oaks, maples, cherries, mahogany, and walnuts. Bamboo and palm are also considered hardwoods but they are a different thing entirely. Harwoods make beautiful wedding rings. They come with distinct grain patterns and rich colors. Woods like white oak make for a very distinctive ring as they have incredible lines running through the wood.

Now that we’ve covered the difference between hard and soft woods, we can get into the different species themselves and what they mean.

Walnut is up first as it is our most popular wood ring. Walnut wood rings are incredibly popular due to their rich brown coloring and dark tones. Walnut wood is used in making many high end products like guitars, violins, luxury cars, and luxury homes. Walnut wood is perfect for a wood wedding ring because of its durability and fine grain pattern.

Next up is oak wood, our second most popular wood ring. Oak, specifically white oak is an incredibly popular choice for a mens wood wedding ring because white oak is used to make whiskey barrels. White oak wood has a unique and distinct grain pattern and it is a very hard hardwood which makes it an excellent choice for a wooden wedding ring. Whiskey barrel rings are some of the most popular wood rings out on the market today. They are made from an upcycled material, and they are from a whiskey barrel (who doesn’t love whiskey). A whiskey barrel wood wedding ring will always be made from white oak wood which will give you the confidence knowing that you’re getting one of the most durable wood rings on the market.

The final wood that we’ll cover in this section is Koa wood. Koa is a hardwood which makes it excellent for a wood wedding ring. It has a rich red color which gives it its signature iconic look. Koa wood has a long and special history on the islands of Hawaii. Native Hawaiian’s used koa wood to create dugout canoes and surfboards. The koa population is currently suffering from unsustainable logging practices and grazing. Most koa wood that you will find comes from private land or deadfall. All of our koa wood rings are made from reclaimed wood or deadfall so you can feel secure knowing that your wood wedding ring doesn’t contribute to unsustainable logging practices. A koa wood wedding ring is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants something with a rich color and a durable wood.

Wood Ring Durability

How durable are wood rings? We get this question a lot. While much more durable than standard wood rings, you should take care of this hybrid much like you would a traditional wood ring. This includes minimizing its exposure to moisture and harsh activities such as working in the yard. Or chucking giant boulders like we know you can.

In all seriousness, wood rings can be very durable but it is dependent on a few different factors. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of wood ring durability!

Wood ring durability is the elephant in the room when it comes to purchasing a wood wedding ring. You obviously want your wood wedding ring to last a lifetime, so buying a wood ring for your wedding can be a scary proposition. Don’t worry though, we have all the information you’ll ever need about wood ring durability.

It all starts with the building process and what type of wood ring you are purchasing. A solid wood ring is going to be much more durable than a bentwood ring. Bentwood rings are made from wrapping a thin wood veneer around a mandrel, mold, or liner, to create the shape of a ring. The wood veneer is then coated in glue to give it a shiny look and hold it all together. This building process creates a very nice looking ring, but they don’t last very long at all. Trust us on this, we used to make our wood rings this way. If you are looking into a wood wedding ring, we strongly recommend you avoid bentwood rings.

We craft our wood rings from solid wood. In fact, a lot goes into how we craft our ring and how we treat our wood. We won’t bore you with all the details of how we do it but it involves baking the wood, vacuum chambers, pressure pots, resin infusion, and a few other fancy things like that. This whole process yields a piece of wood that is much more durable than natural wood. Our wood wedding rings are engineered to last a lifetime, we guarantee it.

In general, all wood products are susceptible to exposure to water. We recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water with your wood ring. This includes things like, bathing, soaking in tubs, swimming, or scuba diving in the mariana trench. If your ring is exposed to prolonged submersions to water, don't worry as it will probably be fine. Take your wood ring off and let your ring sit in a dry environment to fully dehydrate the wood. Once it has sat untouched for 1-3 days, use a wood conditioner like beeswax, linseed oil, or our wood ring conditioner to rehydrate the wood.

Water isn’t the only concern with wood ring durability. In fact, the biggest concern is actually cracking or abrasions. Wood rings are a great choice for a wedding ring if you don’t work with your hands. If you are a construction worker, or someone who works with their hands, we don't recommend choosing a wood ring for your wedding ring. Wood rings are very hardy, but because there is not a lot of wood actually on the ring, the wood itself can be susceptible to abrasions or cracking if enough force is applied to it.

To summarize, wood wedding rings are a great choice for a certain lifestyle. If they fit your lifestyle, they will make an excellent choice for your wedding ring. If you have any questions about wood rings, wood ring durability, or how wood rings are made, please contact us at info@elementringco.com.