Wood Rings

Naturally, Our Wood Rings Are Better

Wood rings are beautiful and provide some of the most down to earth and rustic aesthetics in jewelry, but wood is a tricky material, especially for every day wear. At Element Ring Co. we do it better than the other guys.

Real Wood For A Natural Look And A Solid Ring

We use completely natural, solid wood for all of our wooden rings. Unlike common Bentwood Rings which use a wrapped and glued wood veneer, our rings are cut, stabilized, shaped, sanded, and polished from actual pieces of wood. This means your ring completely retains that natural wood grain look, and stays way stronger. A solid wood ring isn’t going to unravel on you like many bentwood rings tend to over time.

True Variety For Your Unique Style

Wood is known for its varying patterns, and we’ve compiled a solid selection with a little bit of something for everyone. From tropical Koa wood, all the way to White Oak sourced directly from authentic High West Distillery whiskey barrels, all of our wood rings proudly present their beautifully unique grain with an individual style. No two wood wedding rings have exactly the same patterning, giving artistic identity to behold in each one.

Stronger than the others

Wood rings aren’t exactly known for their strength and durability, however we’ve worked to help alleviate that with our stabilization and reinforcement techniques. Each piece of wood goes through a rigorous stabilization process to improve water resistance and strength. All of our wood rings get paired with a stronger material such as carbon fiber or titanium to prolong its lifespan. We still strongly recommend you avoid water and moisture getting on your wood ring, or hitting it with a hammer, but a well taken care of wood ring can last for years. Check out our Wood Ring Durability Article for more info!

But can you use this wood?

We specialize in not only wood rings, but custom wood rings as well! We’ve worked with many wood types not available on our site in various forms. From simple planks, to violins, to walking canes, and even drum sticks (yes, instrumental drum sticks). If you have a wood type in mind, or a sentimental piece and an idea, visit our Custom Rings Page and we’ll make it happen!

How do I take care of a wood ring?

Wood rings do need a bit of special care. Ultimately though, it all comes down to being careful. Try your best to keep it away from water, avoid dropping it from high places, and occasionally add some oil to rejuvenate the wood. We offer a Wood Ring Care Kit to help make the process easier. Ultimately wood rings do come with some responsibility, but it’s not much and if you’re willing to put in the small bit of effort, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most unique and beautiful rings you can get! For more information on wood ring care, check out our Wood Ring Care Guide.