Whiskey Barrel Rings

Fine Aged Quality and Passion

We're just as passionate about whiskey as we are about rings. At Element Ring Co. we've taken a liking to Whiskey Barrel Wood as a material. It feels great on the finger, and there's something extra satisfying about knowing you've got a piece of authentic whiskey barrel on your finger.

We've dedicated years of research and experience to bring you the best designs possible. Each whiskey barrel men's ring is hand crafted by one of our skilled craftsmen using real upcycled whiskey barrel wood.

Partnered with High West Distillery

Collection of High West Distillery Barrels featuring the Element Ring Co. Logo as a partnership

Our rings are made from retired whiskey barrels from High West Distillery in Park City, Utah. All of our mens whiskey barrel rings are created from the upcycled process. We’re proud to partner with another Utah company in High West Distillery, to bring you a sustainable and unique wood wedding ring.

Not only can you be sure we use real whiskey barrel wood in our rings, but perhaps you've had a taste of the whiskey it once held!

Treated for Durability

The elephant in the room when talking about any type of wood ring, especially whiskey barrel wood rings! Luckily for you, whiskey barrel wood produces the most durable wood wedding bands that we make.

All of our whiskey barrel wood goes through a rigorous stabilizing process. Dehydration of the wood, vacuum infusion, and curing come together to ultimately produce a piece much more water resistant and durable than your average piece of wood.

For added strength, all of our whiskey barrel wood rings are paired with a high strength material, usually carbon fiber. Carbon fiber in particular reinforces the ring substantially while keeping it lightweight and comfortable.

Like all wood products however, whiskey barrel wood is still susceptible to water damage and abrasion. We recommend avoiding prolonged submersion in water like swimming, soaking in a hot tub, fermenting your hand in a barrel of whiskey, and so on and so forth.

If you do find that your ring has been exposed to a bucket load of water, don’t worry. Let the ring dry in a cool environment for a day or two and then condition the wood with a wood conditioner like linseed oil or beeswax.

How To Choose a Whiskey Barrel Ring

Man wearing an Element Ring Co. Whiskey Barrel Ring with a glass of whiskey

With such a large selection of mens whiskey barrel rings, it can be hard to narrow it down to the perfect one. You really can't go wrong choosing any design, but here are some general tips for finding the perfect ring for you.

Exterior Wood vs Interior Wood

Obviously, the main part of the appeal of a Whiskey barrel wood ring, is the wood! The white oak used in whiskey barrels displays a beautiful grain, one of our favorite wood grains at Element Ring Co. and it makes sense to want to show it off!

With this in mind, if you're looking to really show off that wood grain, you'll want to choose a design that incorporates the wood into it's exterior. Wearing the wood on the outside of the ring, you and everyone else will get a chance to really appreciate the detail and visual interest of the pattern. Of course, having the wood on the exterior does have a few drawbacks

While all of our wood is treated for durability, wood is still wood and may be susceptible to water damage or scuffs if not properly taken care of. With this in mind, if you're planning to be extra rough with this ring then you may want to look at a wooden interior instead.

Wearing the wood on the inside of the ring provides a very comfortable fit. Wood being a natural material does tend to feel nice on the finger, warming to your hand and conforming a bit more softly than other materials. Keeping the wood inside can also help to protect it against scuffs and water damage (assuming you're hands are dry!). However, you'll lose out on a bit of the visible wood detail you'd get with a wooden exterior.

Typically you can still see the wood pattern from the side of the ring, but naturally your finger will inevitably cover the majority of the interior.

Material Pairings

All of our whiskey barrel wood rings are paired with other materials, primarily for strength and aesthetic purposes. Wood is a fairly durable material, but brought to the size of your average ring, the possibility of it snapping right off your finger is just too high for us to make. We prioritize quality, and we want your ring to last as long as possible!

Carbon Fiber is our most common pairing. We love it, because it adds impeccable strength while also preserving the lightweight feel of the ring. Not to mention the sleek black carbon pairs quite nicely to the grain and hues of whiskey barrel wood.

Metal is another popular option. It will typically keep the strength of the ring high but will add a bit more weight. You will also want to consider any metal allergies you have and check the type of metal used with the ring. Most commonly we pair Titanium, Damascus Steel, and Tungsten with our whiskey barrel wood rings.

Whiskey Barrel Rings We Offer

High West Whiskey Barrels stacked against a wall

We have a huge selection of whiskey barrel rings for sale. All of our whiskey barrel wedding rings are built with quality and comfort in mind, so you really can't go wrong with any of them. Whatever looks best to you is the one you should choose! But with that being said, here are some designs to help get you started.

Whiskey barrel and carbon fiber is one of our favorite pairings. It makes the ring stronger while keeping it light, and plus it just looks great. Most of our styles incorporate carbon fiber in some way. We love The Distiller which fully displays the beautiful grain of white oak present in every whiskey barrel wood ring.

On the literal flip side we have The Cooper, loved for it's simplicity and how it puts the wood right on your finger for a soft and natural fit. The Wrangler is a classic, sporting an attractive whiskey barrel inlay and interior. The Cowboy is another popular design, going all in on the western aesthetic with an inlay of real turquoise stones.