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Our Whiskey Barrel Wedding Rings

Whiskey barrels stacked

I’m drunk but I’m happy: If you love whiskey as much as we do, any ring from this collection will suit you well. With a classic, rustic style, each piece is handcrafted with whiskey barrel wood and carbon fiber; creating a statement piece we know you are searching for. Whether to wear day-to-day as your wedding band or just for fashion, we are certain you can’t go wrong with a little whiskey-barrel companion.

Our rings are made from retired whiskey barrels from High West Distillery in Park City, Utah. All of our whiskey wood rings are created from the upcycled process. We’re proud to partner with another Utah company in High West Distillery, to bring you a sustainable and unique wedding ring.

All of our whiskey wood rings are made with a pure carbon fiber liner, which means they have added durability and strength which means your ring will last as long as you will! We stabilize all of our whiskey barrel wood which means your wood will look natural but has been sealed from the inside.

This process involves a lot of steps and prep work but it yields a far more durable wood ring. For this construction method, we take solid blocks of wood and cut them down into circular donuts for the rings. We then pull all of the moisture out of the wood in a process called dehydration wherein we reduce the moisture content of the wood to nearly zero percent. Next, in a proprietary method, we stabilize the wood in a process that involves vacuum infusion with positive and negative pressure which fills the wood with our special stabilizing resin. These blanks are then cured which creates a block of wood that exhibits far greater durability than natural, raw, whiskey barrel wood.

Once we have a workable piece of whiskey barrel wood, we then machine the wood to within one tenths of a millimeter to fit the wood and carbon pieces together. After bonding the whiskey barrel wood and carbon fiber, we hone the final shape and design of the ring by hand. Our experienced craftsmen use their skills to craft your final whiskey barrel wood ring.

Wood rings make the perfect companion for your wedding ring. Whiskey barrel wood rings have a classic and rustic style making them a perfect wedding ring for you or your man. Our whiskey-barrel wood wedding rings come from straight from the distillery, to our shop, to your door.
Filament Carbon Fiber (The Ranger, The Ranger Ultralight)

History of Whiskey

We all love whiskey, right? Or do we pretend that we like whiskey to seem like a manly man? Either way, whiskey has a lot of fans all over the world, us included. Whiskey has a rich history in the story of Americana, and as a company based in the Western United States we feel compelled to share the history of whiskey, or at least what we know about it.

An old fashioned cocktail with the bartender wearing a whiskey barrel wood ring

Like almost all good things, whiskey in the United States came from European immigrants. The origins can be traced back to Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, where whiskey started as a rye based spirit. Sticking true to the common spirit of early Americans, Irish immigrants settled in Tennessee and Kentucky and started distilling American whiskey in rebellion to new taxes being levied on whiskey distilling on the east coast.

The whiskey industry thrived in the hilly states of Kentucky and Tennessee where corn was plentiful to make sour mash and bourbon. Sour mash whiskey is still the preferred style to be manufactured in Tennessee, with many world renowned producers creating whiskey in the area.

As time went on, whiskey proved to be a favorite of the residents of this new nation. So much so that congress went on to declare that whiskey is a “distinct product of the USA”. Because of this legal distinction, strict standards for quality and distilling were set and it is because of these standards that American whiskey has become the drink of choice for so many people.

So whether you like bourbon, sour mash, rye, or that weird flavored stuff, raise a glass to the classic American whiskey!

Where Do Whiskey Barrels Come From

We’ve talked about the origins of whiskey itself, but in reality we’re more interested in the origins of whiskey barrels. Afterall, that is the most important part of our whiskey barrel wood rings. All whiskey barrels are made from white oak wood, and this is important because without white oak whiskey would not be what is today.

The history of using oak barrels goes back to Roman times, so this is not a new trend. There is a key reason that oak has been used for centuries as barrels and it has to do with the cellular structure of oak wood itself. The wood cells of white oak contain a substance called tyloses which makes the wood very resistant to liquids, which is obviously perfect for a barrel designed to hold liquid gold.

Whiskey barrels used to make whiskey wood rings

Additionally, white oak has small pores that allow air into the barrel while keeping liquid out which permeates the liquids in the barrel and diffuses the whiskey. Charring inside of the barrel also creates a smoky aroma which helps the smell and flavor of the whiskey inside. This contact with the charred oak creates specific aromas and flavors that you can only get from white oak wood.

Obviously technology has made for simpler, cheaper, and easier ways to store and make whiskey but progress does not always equal improvement. Steel barrels or other types of storing whiskey makes for a poor product. There are no substitutes for the flavor, aroma, and general greatness that white oak wood provides.

So like an eraser on a pencil, white oak wood is essential to the whiskey making process. Which is wonderful for use because white oak makes for an excellent ring! Whiskey barrel wood rings are often characterized by their unique grain pattern and color. All of the reasons that we love the aesthetic of whiskey barrel wood for a ring, are the same reasons that distilleries love it for a cask.

Whisky Barrel Wood Ring Durability

The elephant in the room when talking about any type of wood ring, especially whiskey barrel wood rings! Luckily for you, whiskey barrel wood produces the most durable wood rings that we make.

Like all wood products, whiskey barrel wood rings are susceptible to water damage and abrasion. We recommend avoiding prolonged submersion in water like swimming, soaking in a hot tub, fermenting your hand in a barrel of whiskey, and so on and so forth.

If you do find that your ring has been exposed to a bucket load of water, don’t worry. Let the ring dry in a cool environment for a day or two and then condition the wood with a wood conditioner like linseed oil or beeswax.