The Big Kahuna

Koa Wood, Carbon Fiber and Titanium


The Rocketeer

Carbon Fiber and Titanium


The Carpenter

Damascus Steel and Whiskey Barrel Wood


The Charger

Titanium and Carbon Fiber


The Artisan

Walnut Wood, Carbon Fiber and Gold


The Aviator

Carbon Fiber and Titanium


The Spartan

Carbon Fiber and Damascus Steel


The Duke

Gold and Carbon Fiber


The Knight

Gold and Carbon Fiber


The Aristocrat

Rose Gold and Rosewood


The Olympian

Damascus Steel


The Sultan

Damascus Steel and Yellow Gold


The Architect

Faceted Damascus Steel


The Baron

Rose Gold and Carbon Fiber


The Huntsman

Black Tungsten and Antler


The Axeman

Tungsten and Antler




Our Metal Wedding Rings

Our metal rings marry classic materials with modern styles. Featuring aerospace grade carbon fiber, stabilized wood, and signature precious metals, this collection is for those who want a fresh take on a traditional ring. Featuring rings made from Titanium, Damascus Steel, Gold, and more, these metal rings are the perfect wedding ring.

Why Metal Rings

Metal rings like a solid gold ring or a titanium ring are traditional styles that will never go out of fashion. Metal rings also have great longevity and make excellent choices for those looking for a classic wedding ring with timeless style.