Custom Rings

Custom Rings

Let's Go Custom

Do you have a sentimental piece of wood or metal? Are you overflowing with creative ideas for the perfect ring? We've got you covered, let's go custom! 

Our design team will work with you to design and craft the perfect custom ring built exclusively for you. With years of experience and a plethora of satisfied customers we can turn your vision into a work of art. 

Check out our portfolio below and use the contact form to get started! 


Custom Stone Inlay and Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring: 

These rings we brought to life by one of our customers who wanted stones, seashells and gold flakes all in one. Featuring whiskey barrel wood with a granite, obsidian, seashell, and gold flake inlay.

custom stone inlay ring

A pair of custom stone inlay rings

Custom Gold Inlay and Walnut Wood Ring:

This ring features California Walnut wood and an 18 karat gold center inlay.

A custom gold inlay ring with walnut wood

A custom wood ring with a gold inlay

Custom Meteorite and Whiskey Barrel Ring:

This ring was brought to us by a customer who had a piece of meteorite that they wanted turned into a ring. They wanted the meteorite shaped and polished with a whiskey barrel wood liner.

Custom meteorite ring with whiskey barrel wood liner

A custom wood and meteorite ring

Custom Wood Inlay in a White Gold and Diamond Band:

This was one of our most challenging rings. Featuring a dual wood inlay using walnut and cherry wood inlaid into a white gold band with center set diamonds. 

A white gold and diamond band with wood inlay 

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