Custom Rings


Do you have a sentimental piece of wood or metal? Are you overflowing with creative ideas for the perfect ring? We've got you covered, let's go custom! 

Our design team will work with you to design and craft the perfect custom ring built exclusively for you. With years of experience and a plethora of satisfied customers we can turn your vision into a work of art. 

Check out our portfolio below and use the contact form to get started! 


Custom Ring Inquiry

carbon fiber ring

Custom Ring Story - A Penny Worth More than a Cent

By Zaylie Collins

Andy and Nikki wanted to incorporate a sentimental penny in Andy's wedding band. After multiple ring companies told them they would not be able to create something with the penny, they found...

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custom rings

Custom Ebony Wood Ring

By Zaylie Collins

When customers approach us with their own unique materials and a desire to create an individualized ring, Element Ring Co makes it happen. Zach and Jessica wanted a custom ring made from...

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