Glow Rings

Glow Rings


Chroma Glow Rings - Vibrant color in the day as well as dark. These custom formulations have been engineered to balance the best of what glow technology has to offer. 

Lumi Glow Rings - Neutral color in the day with vibrant color in the dark. This is where it all began for glow tech. Sometimes these can carry slightly longer luminescence but it depends heavily on the color chosen.

The Lumineer Rings - We set out to create something never before seen. Combining pure carbon fiber strands with light sensitive glass fibers to produce a ring that is subtle when required, but wild when desired. Truly one of a kind, these rare rings are in a class all their own.

All of our glow rings are impervious to most chemicals, and generally life-proof. As always, these rings are all exchangeable and come with a 100% happiness guarantee.