Titanium Rings


Titanium is a great material when it comes to a ring for a variety of reasons. Its durability is revered, it’s extremely lightweight, and it addresses many of the issues of traditional metal jewelry.


  • Titanium is more scratch resistant than most of the other metals commonly used in jewelry. This means that while the titanium can still be scuffed up a bit, your ring will hold up much better to the test of time.
  • Titanium is corrosion resistant and is very unlikely to rust or tarnish. This means water resistance, including salty seawater. A titanium ring can retain its polish for a long time if kept in good condition.
  • Titanium can take a hit. Unlike many other metal rings, a titanium ring can be dropped, stopped on, and more, with much less surface damage than a weaker metal.


Titanium is significantly lighter than other metals, and provides the same amount of strength as steel at 40% its weight. You can wear a titanium ring and hardly notice it’s there; a huge benefit for those who still want to show off their style without impairing their fingers. A lightweight ring can quickly feel like nothing after some wear.


A common concern when buying jewelry for those with sensitive skin or allergies is how the material might negatively react with their body. Many metals can leave behind an uncomfortable residue over time and a rash, or worse reactions. One of the best benefits for titanium is its hypoallergenic properties. If a material is hypoallergenic, it means it has a substantially lower possibility of inducing an allergic reaction and is generally known to be safe for wear. If you or someone you’re buying for has a skin sensitivity, a titanium ring is often a great choice!


The biggest downside to titanium is its limited casting potential, meaning you won’t necessarily be finding the most intricate pieces made from titanium. This isn’t a problem though, as sleek, simple designs are becoming extremely popular for jewelry and especially men’s rings.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do some interesting things with titanium though. We combine titanium with many other materials like carbon fiber or turquoise stones to create some really eye catching designs.

Titanium can be brought to a high polish or a matte frost quite easily, and works great with a hammered finish for a real industrial look.

Titanium also works as a great accent to natural wood, to give it strength and contrast. Though, natural wood will of course render your ring less resistant to water or wear.