Wood Ring Care

Wood Ring Care


Natural wood rings require more care than a typical metallic or carbon fiber ring. Each wood + carbon fiber ring we make is built on a solid carbon fiber foundation which offers greater strength than an all wood ring. This not only helps prolong the life of the ring but adds a unique visual element too.

Try to avoid activities that might compromise the finish and structural integrity of the wood. For example: exposure to chemicals, washing or drying the ring, extended submersion in water and rough treatment. We recommend removing your wood + carbon fiber ring before any heavy lifting, yard work, moving furniture etc.

Our wood + carbon fiber rings are made with a hardened epoxy so they can withstand the occasional shower and hand wash however we recommend avoiding those things as water can seep in and destroy the ring from the inside through micro cracks. We offer free refinishes on wood ring for up to 6 weeks after purchase. Depending on the severity of the blemish or fade refinishing rings can be done at home as well. Use beeswax for light blemishes and color fades. For more severe blemishes, advice, more questions, or to schedule a refinish please contact us here.


This is where classic style meets incredible strength. 

Our real natural wood rings are handcrafted with an aerospace grade carbon fiber interior give each ring the classic look of wood but with the added durability and strength only achievable with modern materials. We continue to refine the way we build these rings so that they last as long as you.

While being more durable than standard wood rings, you should take care of your Element Rings wood hybrid ring much like you would a traditional wood ring. This includes minimizing it’s exposure to moisture and harsh activities such as working in the yard or well, hucking giant boulders like we know you can.

Like all of our rings, each hybrid wood and carbon fiber ring is handmade. We use the “bentwood” method for building our hybrid rings. This is done by taking a strip of natural wood and wrapping it in combination with a special resin which yields a stronger, and far more durable ring than possible from a “cut-out” wood ring. Cut-out wood rings are vulnerable to exposed open end grain where moisture can penetrate the wood causing it to split. As a result of the bentwood method there may be a single visible line on the ring where the wood layers overlap. Because we use natural wood each ring may have a slightly different pattern than what you see represented here. Each ring will therefore be unique, just like you.

Handmade with pride out of real wood and carbon fiber in Salt Lake City, UT. Surprisingly durable, extremely light and classically on point.