How To Buy A Wedding Ring: Men's Wedding Ring Buying Guide

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Tips For Shopping For Your Grooms Ring

It’s time to buy your groom’s wedding band! The men's wedding ring market can be overwhelming with so many different materials and options. Luckily for you, we have the complete guide for men’s wedding ring buying tips.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about buying a men’s wedding ring. We’ll cover budgets, craftsmanship, sizing, when to purchase, and so much more. The groom’s wedding band is just as important as the brides so let’s give it the attention it deserves. Here are a few simple tips for buying a men’s wedding ring. 


Whoop dee-doo, we’re starting off with the major buzzkill. Of course you might want to buy the diamond encrusted meteorite, dinosaur bone ring with the gold inlay, but can you afford it? Setting a budget creates realistic expectations for both you and your partner. It will also simplify your shopping experience. Most men’s wedding ring companies will have different collections to suit different budgets so when you know your budget, you’ll have a much better shopping experience.

In general, you’ll decide what budget works best for you. There is no hard and fast rule for how much you should spend. Get your king whatever he deserves.



This is going to be one of the most important things when it comes to picking out your men’s wedding ring. There are so many different styles out there and it can be overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Defining your style will help you navigate through our next section where we discuss different materials.

Here are some things to consider when you define your men’s wedding ring style.


Is he an outdoorsman or an inside guy? You’ll need to get him a ring that fits his lifestyle. The last thing you want is a delicate ring being thrashed about on a hunting trip.


Think about what kind of environment the ring will be in day-to-day. If the ring is going to be under some exam gloves all day or exposed to harsh abrasions on a construction site there are some rings that won’t work out for you.

Fashion or Function

Possibly the biggest question to determine the style is if you want a fashionable ring or a functional ring. There are rings that can be both, but in general you might need to pick one or the other. Fashionable, flashy rings are not always practical and functional rings don’t always look good.

Timeless or trendy

Picking a wedding ring style can be daunting because they’re supposed to last forever, right? This makes the decision tricky when considering a timeless style or a trendy style. The timeless style might not be the most fun, but the trendy style might look dated in a few years.

Heirloom or Lifetime

This is a big thing to consider when buying a men’s wedding ring. If you want to get an heirloom style piece that can be passed down to future generations then you’ll need to be very mindful of what you choose. It needs to be resizable and incredibly durable. If you just want something to last your lifetime, then you can have a little more fun with your shopping process.

Ring in Tin with Leaves


Understanding the material that your ring is made from will really help you navigate the buying process. It can be totally overwhelming trying to figure out the difference between tantalum, tungsten, titanium, mokume gane, damascus steel, and all the other exotic materials out there.

We’ll give you a breakdown of the most popular men’s wedding ring materials and help you pick what material your groom’s wedding ring should be. Here is the ultimate breakdown for men’s wedding ring materials.

Common Men's Ring Materials:


The classic of all classics. A gold wedding ring is always a solid choice. They last forever and retain their value. Gold rings can be resized so when you pack on that post-wedding 15lbs, you’ll be okay. Gold rings are susceptible to scratches and will look worn over time.


Another solid choice, Sterling silver rings give you a classic and simple look for much cheaper than gold. Sterling silver rings are softer than 14 karat gold though, which means they are susceptible to deep scratches. They also can be resized so you’re free to pack on the pounds.


A very trendy material choice tungsten rings are made from a burly metal. Tungsten is technically the hardest metal, meaning it cannot be scratched. However, it is incredibly brittle and can shatter when dropped onto concrete or other hard floors. Tungsten can be plated to mimic gold which makes it a good budget option, although it cannot be resized.


This material is a more exotic metal that is becoming more popular for men’s wedding rings. Tantalum wedding rings are extremely durable and very scratch resistant. However, it is a scarce metal and tantalum rings will cost you a pretty penny, or two.

Damascus Steel 

This material is fast becoming a classic in the men’s wedding ring market. Damascus Steel is made from forging and twisting two different types of steel together to form a unique pattern. The steel is then etched in acid to bring out the pattern. Damascus steel rings are typically on the heavier side and cannot be resized. However, they give you a really unique and classic looking ring.


An increasingly proper material for men’s wedding rings, Titanium wedding rings boast some of the best strength to weight ratio of any material. Titanium rings are a great choice for anyone on a budget due to their low cost and classic look. Titanium rings have the same general appearance as white gold and silver so they can pass as something pricier if you’d like.

Carbon Fiber 

Our sweet baby boy, carbon fiber holds a special place in our hearts. Carbon fiber rings are a fantastic material for a men’s wedding ring. They are incredibly durable and super lightweight providing the best strength to weight ratio of any material in this list. Carbon fiber wedding rings are perfect for the man who has never worn a ring before because of their low profile and lightweight.


If you love hunting and the outdoors an antler ring could be the perfect choice for you! Antler wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular in the men’s wedding ring market. Antler rings give you a nice unique appearance without sacrificing durability. Most antler rings are affordable and typically are paired with other materials so you can really get the best of all worlds.

Dinosaur Bone 

This is a pretty niche material that you might not find everywhere. Dinosaur bone wedding rings are made from fossilized dinosaur bone and are typically inlaid into different harder metals like gold or damascus steel. Dinosaur bone is more fragile and can crack or break. You’ll also pay a premium for having such an exotic and rare material.


Meteorite wedding rings have seen a “meteoric” rise in popularity recently. They’re incredibly unique and the idea of having a space rock on your finger is unbeatable. However, meteorite rings come with a few caveats. Firstly, they’re very expensive, as you can imagine. Next, meteorite wedding rings are very high in iron, which means they’ll oxidize if not cared for properly. Due to this rust factor, meteorite rings must be worn carefully so you don’t make them rust.


Possibly the oldest and most classic material in this list. Wood wedding rings have a rich history in the world. Wood wedding rings are increasingly popular but they do come with some caution. It is important to research how your wood ring is made. If it is made from solid stabilized wood, you are good to go. If it is made from bentwood, proceed with caution. Bentwood rings are not as durable and will break down over time. Solid stabilized wood rings are much more durable and if properly cared for will last a lifetime. In general wood wedding rings should not be submerged in water or exposed to harsh chemicals.

Glow Rings 

Glow in the dark rings always grab attention. They’re fun and the bright colors allow you to express yourself in a colorful way. Glowing wedding rings are generally made from some combination of resin and luminescent powder which makes them a pretty durable ring. They cannot be resized but they’re a fun and unique way to express yourself. Glowinging wedding rings are usually on the affordable end of the spectrum which makes them a great choice for a budget.

Black Zirconium 

Black zirconium is a really unique material choice for a men’s wedding ring. It provides a nice black color with the feel and weight of a solid metal ring. Zirconium is naturally a light gray color but when it is heated it oxidizes and turns black. Black zirconium is a generally more affordable option when it comes to more exotic metals and is almost as durable as titanium.

Cobalt Chrome 

This material is a great choice that often goes under the radar. Cobalt chrome wedding rings are an excellent material for anyone who wants a nice metal ring with a white/silver color. The color is really comparable to white gold and platinum but costs significantly less. Cobalt chrome wedding rings are also shatter proof and harder than stainless steel.


Silicone rings are really popular right now. They’re basic, cheap, easy to wear, and will break way before your finger will. Silicone wedding rings are a good choice for someone who wants something simple that they never need to take off. It’s a good choice for a second ring if you want to wear it while at the gym or while working with your hands. With silicone rings you might notice that they can smell overtime and start to rip or tear.


Sizing is the single most important thing to consider when purchasing your ring. It is imperative to get the right ring size so it is comfortable for you to wear all day, everyday. Luckily, we offer free and easy size exchange so you can confidently buy a ring and swap it out if the size is off.

Sizing a ring online is tricky, especially if you don’t already know your ring size. Here are a few tips we have to ensure you get your ring size right the first time. Or close enough!

First, buy a ring sizer! We sell our own ring sizer for $5 and offer a $5 off coupon for your next purchase, making the sizer free. That is one of the best ways to get an accurate ring size.

You can also go get sized at a local jewelry store. This is a pretty accurate way to get your correct or approximate ring size. Be sure to try on rings at the desired width you plan to wear. In other words, do not use a 2mm wide ring sizer if you plan to actually buy and wear a ring that is 8mm. They will fit differently!

A properly sized ring slides over the knuckle without tugging the skin, rests comfortably when you bend your finger, allows movement and play and you should be able to turn the ring without much pressure.

Other tips and things to consider when thinking about ring sizing is that fingers swell and contract throughout the day and with the seasons. In winter, your fingers will be thinner. In summer it is more swollen. The best time to size yourself is mid-late afternoon. It is good practice to measure multiple times before you buy. The wider the ring, the tighter the fit. If you plan to get a ring at 10mm or wider, consider going up a half size.


Shop around a little bit. Make sure to look at different stores, different sites and most importantly read reviews! Don’t just read the reviews on the company site, because those can be moderated. Look for google reviews and other third party sites because those are typically more honest than the branded site reviews.


Ask questions. This is a big one. Make sure to reach out to the company ahead of time if you have any questions or concerns. You’ll want to make sure they have great customer service before you make a lifelong commitment to that company.


This is a big thing to consider in the men’s wedding ring market. Most companies make claims that their rings are handmade in the US or something similar but more often than not, it is not true.

A lot of rings are handmade in the US but they are often not made by the company selling them. It is important to ask questions to find out if you are supporting the original designer and creator or if you are purchasing from a reseller.

Here at Element Ring Co all of our rings are handcrafted in our shop in South Salt Lake, Utah. We are happy and openly show our customer photos of their ring being built and send them updates through the whole process.


Purchase your men’s wedding ring well in advance. Do not wait until the last minute to purchase the ring! Seriously, we cannot stress this enough, do not wait until a week before your wedding to purchase a ring online. You might be thinking “there is no way anyone does that” and we promise that more often than not we get an extremely expedited request.

The ideal time to buy your men’s wedding ring is two months before the wedding. The minimum is one month. With two months you leave plenty of time for the ring to be crafted and shipped to you. You always buy yourself some insurance with any possible shipping delays and you will still have time to do a size exchange if needed.

With one month you give yourself a little extra time to deal with any potential issues but you put yourself on a much tighter timeline.

Anything less than a month, you’ll find yourself stressing over every tracking update and if you need to do a size exchange, you might find yourself getting your ring a couple days before the wedding.

So do not wait to order your men’s wedding ring. The ideal time to order is two months before the big day.

In Conclusion

Men’s wedding ring buying can be a daunting task. To simplify it, remember these steps. Set a budget, define your style, pick a material, get your size, and order early!

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