Why Do Men Wear Black Wedding Rings?

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Black wedding rings have been making a strong appearance in recent years, leading many to wonder if there is some sort of special symbolism involved or if it's just the latest in the endless treadmill of fashion trends. Today, we'll help answer that question!

What does a black wedding ring mean?

Due to the correlation between the color black and mourning, many have assumed that the trend may be inspired by the idea of remembrance of a lost loved one; however, this isn't really the case. Though some may don a black ring for this reason, most simply wear black rings because they find them visually appealing. That doesn't quite explain the full story behind their popularity though, and the true heart of this trend digs a bit deeper into modern design as a whole.

Why are black wedding rings popular?

Generally speaking, modern design practices tend to simplify and break from convention. We see it from graphic design to architecture. Just as the apps on your phone have become sleek and simplified, the same can be said for jewelry trends. What once was about flash and shimmer is now about simplicity and deriving more from less. Not to mention, black goes with everything.

Black rings use better materials

It's safe to say you probably wouldn't want to take your silver and gold wedding ring out with you on a day of errands, especially on a day where you need to do particularly hardy work with your hands. We hear stories often of people purchasing rings made of precious materials, only to wear them on extremely special occasions or not at all. For the modern era, the best kind of ring is one you can show off any time, and the materials most commonly used in black rings accomplish this well.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an extremely common material seen in black wedding rings because carbon fiber almost exclusively comes in black.

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong, durable, and lightweight material, making it uniquely great for a piece of modern jewelry. So much so that our company actually got its start with carbon fiber rings! Ranging all the way from waterproofing to chemical resistance, there are things you can do with a carbon fiber ring that you just can't with other materials.

Black Tungsten

Black tungsten is a bit of an outlier to this trend. While fairly popular, black tungsten isn't actually the most durable of materials or the lightest.

Tungsten jewelry typically comes with a bit of heft to it, which some do enjoy, but also has the potential to shatter or chip on high impact where many other materials wouldn't. Along with this, many types of black tungsten can actually have their black coating removed quite easily from scratching. Contrary to popular assumption, black tungsten is not actually black, but simply wears a black coating. One thing that cannot be argued about the material, however, is its premium aesthetic.


Ceramic is another common material when it comes to black rings. Unlike black tungsten, black ceramic is a solid color all the way through, making it hold up much better when it comes to scratching and chipping.

Despite what you may assume, ceramic is actually a surprisingly durable material as well. While it may still shatter with high enough contact, ceramic is very impact-resistant. Much more, in fact, than many common precious metals. On top of that, many ceramic rings are non-conductive which is a huge plus for engineers.

Black rings are affordable

Thanks to the use of these more modern materials, black rings tend to run quite a bit cheaper than your average gold or diamond ring. Of course, you can always add to the band with gems or other materials, but if you're going for a solid black band, you can expect to pay quite a bit less than you would for a similar gold ring.

Should I get a black wedding ring?

This question is entirely up to you! While black wedding rings are certainly in, what matters more is your personal taste. If you're a fan of the new sleek style and its various benefits, then we recommend you check out our collection of black carbon fiber rings!

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