Chroma Glow Rings

Chroma Glow Rings


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These handmade wonders are as brute in their strength as they are bright in their inner color. Vibrant color in the day as well as dark. These custom formulations have been engineered to balance the best of what glow technology has to offer. Our custom formulated Chroma Glow resins will last as long as you and shine well into the night. With 6 color options to choose from you are bound to find your favorite shade. We have worked with a US powder formulator to come up with the best balance of day color that not only shines in the day but that offers the closest match at night as well. The mythical glowing colored unicorn has been caught, now SHINE ON!!!

We can only make up to a size 11.0 at this time but will be launching a Kickstarter summer 2018 to "Tool Up"! So if you wish to get in on this style in a size larger than 11.0 please sign up to our newsletter.

Handmade out of 100% carbon fiber & epoxy resin in Salt Lake City, UT, incredibly durable, super light, hypoallergenic and chemical-resistant.