Carbon Fiber Rings


Why choose us? Because Element Ring Co. has been building Carbon Fiber Rings since 2012 and in that time we've become extremely good at utilizing its unique properties to make rings not only stronger and lighter, but more beautiful as well.

Our rings are tried and true, they really hold up. It's very common for us to meet previous customers from years past who are still rocking their carbon fiber wedding band. They look great even after several years of beloved wear! You can find out more on carbon fiber ring quality here.


It's fairly common to see faux carbon on the market, whether it be a print or a decal wrapped around another material. In contrast, our carbon fiber wedding bands are made from 100% pure, real carbon fiber. That means you gain all the benefits of high durability, scratch resistance, near weightlessness, and comfort!


Carbon fiber as a material has a huge variety of benefits, namely in durability and weight.

Our pure carbon fiber mens wedding bands are waterproof. You won't need to remove them while swimming or doing the dishes. You can read more about Carbon Fiber Ring Waterproofness here.

A carbon fiber mens ring can be 3x lighter than a titanium ring of similar size, and 12x lighter than gold. Carbon fiber is also a hypoallergenic material which is excellent for those with a metal sensitivity. You can get more insight on carbon fiber's various pros (and also cons) here.

It's an extremely useful and versatile material, and we take full advantage of that here at Element Ring Co.


We utilize a large selection of carbon fiber weaves in our carbon fiber wedding rings, from the famous Twill to the more industrial Forged. You can find a comprehensive guide of our carbon fiber patterns here.

Different weaves will have different looks and different properties of strength or weight, but ultimately they all carry the same core benefits. They're all lighter than other materials, and nearly all are more durable as well. Each of our carbon fiber wedding bands are designed with each weave's different properties in mind to maximize aesthetics, wearability, and durability.


Carbon is the basis of nearly everything, and in that same sense we utilize Carbon Fiber in a huge number of our designs. It's an extremely strong material, while also being comfortable and light on the hand, which is extremely important for a long lasting wedding ring.

If you want a pure carbon fiber ring, we recommend a look at something like The Racer or The Ranger.

Nearly all of our pure carbon fiber mens wedding bands are available in an ultralight variant, with The Bullet Ultralight being specifically designed for its thin style.

You'll often see our carbon fiber as an accent piece for most of our wood designs, acting as both an aesthetically pleasing compliment, as well as a strengthening backbone for the material.

We offer several types of wood with our carbon fiber wedding rings. The Cooper and The Distiller are built from real upcycled whiskey barrel white oak and The Lumberjack is from a creamy walnut wood. We have several different designs incorporating all sorts of woods and materials. The Cowboy is especially popular for its Turquoise Inlay.

Carbon fiber even improves more traditional materials like metal! While some metals may still cause allergic reactions from individuals with those sensitivities, you can rely on our carbon fiber to strengthen and lighten the weight of the final design while improving its overall aesthetic.

We love The Charger for its simplicity, and The Spartan for the intricate damascus pattern. The Duke is a unique take on a gold wedding band that is only really possible thanks to the use of carbon fiber.

If you want a real contrast of color, check out The Silverback Ultralight. It mixes carbon fiber and glass fiber to create a very interesting pattern that will stand the test of time. You'll lose the benefit of non-conductivity often seen in glass fiber, but the regular benefits of carbon fiber remain strong. If non-conductivity is your priority, check out our Non-Conductive Rings Collection.

Many of our designs are available with a glow in the dark resin, and are certain to illuminate your sense of style. The Lumineer, The Blue Racer, and The Ultra Glow are all designed for this exact purpose!

Even more than what's covered here are available above. We get really creative with our designs so if you're ever curious about a ring's materials, we always include them in the ring's description.


We have a huge assortment, from pure carbon fiber rings, to glowing carbon fiber rings. from glass fiber rings to carbon fiber reinforced wood rings. Picking can be tough with such a large selection of mens carbon fiber wedding bands. To find the best ring for you, you'll have to answer a few questions for yourself and go from there.

FIrst things first, if weight (or lack of it) is your number one priority, then we always recommend our Ultralight carbon fiber wedding bands, and our Stackable carbon fiber wedding bands!

All of our rings are designed with comfort as well as aesthetics in mind, but if you have a metal allergy, then we recommend sticking with any of our non-metal carbon fiber rings. Materials like concrete, rainbow glow, and wood will all work wonderfully as an accent to your mens carbon fiber wedding band while also avoiding common metal allergies!

And of course any of our pure carbon fiber rings are a great option.

Most of our rings are available in multiple width options, so you're good to choose a design you like and get it in a size that best suits your style!