Carbon Fiber Ring Durability

Posted by Max Pia on

Are Carbon Fiber Rings Durable? 

We get asked this question all the time. How durable are carbon fiber rings really? The answer is surprisingly simple. Carbon fiber rings are durable! They're not just durable, but easy to take care of too. No need to polish each year, you don't have to take it off when you wash your hands and forget about removing your pure carbon fiber ring for swimming, it isn't necessary at all!

Let's get into what makes a carbon fiber ring durable. Carbon fiber without a binder (in most cases this is an epoxy resin) is like a partnership without a partner. Carbon fiber is not durable alone however when combined with high strength epoxy its superior potential is realized. The raw form of carbon fiber is commonly referred to as filaments. Our rings are made up of tens of thousands of individual filaments barely visible to the naked eye. These filaments are combined by the thousands with an epoxy resin to form an incredibly strong & durable carbon fiber ring in which each carbon fiber filament contributes.

Carbon fiber has both extraordinary strength coupled with an inconceivable lack of weight. With carbon fiber's striking appearance and strength, the durability is unmatched especially when compared to other commonly used materials for rings. You can see how we uttilize that durability to make other materials more fit to wear in this collection of carbon fiber rings here.

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