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Ring Sizer (Plus $5 Ring Credit)

Product image 1A sliding ring sizer
Product image 2Our ring sizer and a filament carbon fiber ring
Product image 3a ring sizer
Product image 4a closeup of our ring sizer
Product image 5a photo of our ring sizer on a hand

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This simple yet elegant ring sizer takes the guesswork out of picking a ring size. Slide it over your knuckle and tighten to a comfortable fit to determine your precise ring measurement.

And with $5 in credit, this handy device become free when you order from our catalog of unique and stylish carbon fiber rings.

Our rings are GUARANTEED to fit, but we know you’ll have the best experience when your Element Ring fits perfectly right from the start.

Click here to read more about ring measurements.

Ring Sizer ships within 1 business day of order! 

FREE standard domestic shipping on all rings! Location rate based international shipping! (International customers are required to pay any associated import taxes.)

    Ring Sizing Simplified

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    Take the guess work out of ring sizing.

    Find your ring size using our plastic ring sizer

    Our rings are guaranteed to fit. If it’s not perfect, we'll exchange it for freePlus, we offer our $5 ring sizer with a coupon for $5 off your next purchase, making it free with your order. Since the ring sizer we make available is only offered in its default width of ~4mm, we recommend you take special precaution to size accordingly. This means, if you use our sizer and it reads a size 9.5 but you plan to buy a ring in an 8mm or 10mm width, go with a size 10.0 (increase by a half size). 

    All of our rings are sold in half size increments. Quarter sizes are rarely necessary. Note that finger size can fluctuate throughout the day and due to weather. Here are some tips to get the best fit right from the get-go.

    A Proper Sized Ring:
    • Slides over the knuckle w/o tugging the skin.
    • Rests comfortably when you bend your finger.
    • Allows movement and play. You should be able to turn the ring without much pressure. 
    Other Tips:
    • Fingers swell and contract throughout the day and with the seasons. In winter, your fingers will be thinner. In summer more swollen. The best time to size yourself is mid-late afternoon.
    • Measure multiple times before you buy
    • The wider the ring, the tighter the fit. If you plan to get a ring at 10mm or wider, consider going up a half size. 

    Find your size using a printable chart

    If you have a ring already and you need to confirm the size click the chart below and print the pdf. Instructions are on the .pdf.

    Find your size by getting sized at a local jewelry shop

    Be sure to try on rings at the desired width you plan to wear. In other words, do not use a 2mm wide ring sizer if you plan to actually buy and wear a ring that is 8mm. They will fit different!
     US Ring Size Inside Diameter (inches) Inside Diameter (mm) What Common Item Fits Inside
    4.0 0.586 14.9
    4.5 0.602 15.3
    5.0 0.618 15.7
    5.5 0.634 16.1
    6.0 0.650 16.5
    6.5 0.666 16.9
    7.0 0.682 17.3
    7.5 0.698 17.7
    8.0 0.714 18.1 U.S. Dime ($0.10) = 17.9mm
    8.5 0.730 18.5
    9.0 0.746 18.9 U.S. Penny ($0.01) = 19.05mm
    9.5 0.762 19.4
    10.0 0.778 19.8
    10.5 0.794 20.2
    11.0 0.810 20.6
    11.5 0.826 21.0
    12.0 0.842 21.4 U.S. Nickel ($0.05) = 21.2mm
    12.5 0.858 21.8
    13.0 0.874 22.2
    13.5 0.890 22.6
    14.0 0.906 23.0
    14.5 0.922 23.4
    15.0 0.938 23.8
    15.5 0.954 24.2
    16.0 0.970 24.6 U.S. Quarter ($0.25) = 24.26mm


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