Our Top 7 Pure Carbon Fiber Rings

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Carbon fiber has become a beloved material in the fashion space for its interesting aesthetics, incredible durability, and chemical resistance. We've seen it used in everything from wallets to shoes, but our favorite use of the material is in carbon fiber rings!

Carbon fiber wedding bands are extremely strong, comfortably light, and with the multitude of carbon fiber weaves available they also have some great variety in patterns and shapes! Here are 7 of our most popular rings, and why we love them!

1. The Sleek Ultralight


The Sleek Ultralight Carbon Fiber Ring


Easily one of our best carbon fiber rings. The Sleek Ultralight uses a unidirectional weave as opposed to the common checkerboard style you'll often see in carbon fiber. Despite it's simple look, each thread of the carbon plays off the light in a very interesting way, revealing subtle patterns in the material. The Sleek Ultralight is the ultimate carbon fiber ring for someone looking for a totally modern aesthetic that's lighter than titanium.

2. The Racer Ultralight


The Racer Ultralight Carbon Fiber Ring


The Racer Ultralight is the ultralight variant of The Racer, and is our signature Twill Style carbon fiber ring. This ring can be considered our quintessential carbon fiber wedding ring, constantly beating out our metal rings in popularity, and sporting the pattern carbon fiber is best known for! The carbon fibers are woven together in alternating sections to produce a simple and appealing checkerboard look reminiscent of the finish line flags on a race course!

3. The Ranger Ultralight


The Ranger Ultralight Carbon Fiber Ring


The Ranger Ultralight is the ultralight variant of The Ranger. You may have noticed by now that most of the rings on this list are Ultralights! This ranger continues the trend of being lightweight and durable. This particular type of weave is actually commonly used in bike frames! The pattern on this ring is particularly interesting when held at different angles in the light as the carbon fibers play off each other for a near camo look!

4. The Lumineer Ultralight


The Lumineer Ultralight Glowing Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Ring


While this ring isn't quite pure carbon fiber, it's just so cool that we had to include it. The Lumineer Ultralight (the ultralight version of The Lumineer) adds glowing glass fibers to the mix for a very vibrant night time aesthetic while displaying the classic checkerboard pattern during the day. The glass fibers added to the carbon are still quite durable and lightweight, so you shouldn't worry when picking out this ring!

5. The Wave Ultralight


The Wave Ultralight Carbon Fiber Ring


A very popular men's wedding band, The Wave Ultralight is the lightweight version of The Wave. This ring is made by turning a twill weave on it's side before cutting it to size and shape! The process creates stunning wave-like patterns in the material that stand out from other carbon patterns.

6. The Engineer


The Engineer Faceted Carbon Fiber Ring


The Engineer is an extremely unique carbon fiber men's ring, featuring faceted edges to create distinct triangular shapes while featuring the same pattern as The Wave. With the durability and scratch resistance carbon fiber is known for, this ring just wouldn't be possible without it!

7. The Mason


The Square Carbon Fiber Ring


The Mason is another interesting take on ring shape, featuring a square aesthetic. The high strength carbon fiber is what lets this ring to get so thin at the edges, and it allows a ring with this shape to stay comfortable!


8. (Bonus Ring) The Quicksilver Ultralight


The Quicksilver Ultralight Glass Fiber Ring


The Quicksilver Ultralight is actually made with Glass Fibers, and while not the same as carbon, The Quicksilver Ultralight is still quite durable, and actually gains the added benefit of being Non-Conductive. The glass fiber produces a very interesting pattern that looks like a silver version of The Racer!


We've taken a look at quite a few rings in this post, but if you're still interested in more then we encourage you to check out our Full Carbon Fiber Ring Collection! We offer many more designs and incorporate lots of different materials to create some very appealing rings. In addition, all of our rings come with free 30 day returns and exchanges, and a lifetime warranty!

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