Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

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Historically speaking, engagement rings have been largely considered women’s attire, but recently the trend has been shifting.

Why don’t men wear engagement rings?

As with many modern day traditions, the act of proposal with an engagement ring dates back to ancient times. Some claim the tradition originated in Egypt, but engagement rings have only been reliably traced back to rome.

Historically, men didn’t wear engagement rings. Marriage in the past was treated much differently from how it is today, and generally speaking, men just weren’t expected to.

As history goes, the bride to be was given an engagement ring to wear as a symbolic tie to her future husband. Displaying to other men that she was not available. The culture at the time was obviously much less hospitable to women than modern day, but with the mixed values of our ancestors aside we have since made tremendous strides in women’s rights. The symbolism of the engagement ring has dramatically shifted to one of love and commitment between partners.


Can men wear engagement rings?

Absolutely! More and more guys have been wearing engagement rings with their partners including notable celebrities like Ed Sheeran, and it makes sense. The modern engagement ring simply displays commitment, and can act as a physical representation for your love to those around you. There’s nothing wrong with mutually displaying that bond, and in fact, I would argue it makes that bond much stronger.

Mutual commitment is an extremely important aspect of a marriage, and there's no reason not to display that commitment before you get the wedding ring, especially if one of you is already doing so!


What kind of engagement rings can men wear?

There's no real specific definition of what an engagement ring is. Many engagement rings tend to follow certain trends, but there are no hard set rules in place. Many diamond engagement rings tend to follow the style of a single centered stone, but of course, men’s rings tend to look quite a bit different.

In reality you can choose any kind of ring to wear as a mens engagement ring, and you can even keep a male engagement ring as your future wedding band. Whatever you choose to wear, it will always stand as a symbol of your love for your partner. You can check out our Large Collection of Men’s Rings Here!

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