Can Carbon Fiber Rings Be Resized?

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You’ve probably seen buzz surrounding carbon fiber’s strength and durability, and given its popularity in fashion, you may have wondered whether or not a carbon fiber ring can be resized!

In short: no, carbon fiber rings cannot be resized. Carbon fiber is an extremely stiff material and therefore, not malleable in its finished form. It would snap and splinter before it would deform to a new desired shape. For this reason, we offer free 30 day exchanges on all of our carbon fiber rings (and all our other rings too) to make sure you always get the perfectly correct size. 

As always, it’s best to determine your ideal ring size beforehand rather than resort to resizing or exchanges after the fact. To help, we've compiled a helpful ring sizing guide you can find Here.

We also offer a Ring Sizing Kit which comes with a $5 ring credit to put toward your new ring. That essentially makes it free after any ring purchase!

And you can also always come visit us in person at our Salt Lake City, Utah location.

Types Of Ring Resizing

Because pure carbon fiber is so strong, it completely refuses traditional ring resizing processes. Typically when resizing a wedding band, there are two main practices.

Upsizing a ring:

Getting a ring sized larger is a fairly complicated process in general. A common practice for malleable materials like many metals is to stretch the ring outward with special equipment. Doing this will thin out the ring a bit and can typically only be done to about half a size up depending on the material.

Another option is to cut or sand away material altogether. This is obviously not an option for most rings and may significantly alter the appearance of the design, but we have occasionally done it on request.

Downsizing a ring:

When getting a ring sized smaller, the common practice for metal rings that can be deformed involves the jeweler making a cut in the band at the shank. The two sides are then brought back together, sealed or welded, and shaped and polished to hide the new seam. This process is not possible when it comes to carbon fiber rings because carbon fiber refuses to bend to fit the new shape.

Ultimately this is all very material based and not even all metals allow resizing. Tungsten for example suffers many issues in resizing due to its brittle nature. On the bright side you can rest assured that the same things that make carbon fiber so difficult to resize are exactly the same that give it so much strength in everyday wear.

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