How Much Upkeep Do Carbon Fiber Rings Need?

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If you’ve been searching for a ring to buy, you may have come across carbon fiber rings as a popular option thanks to their durability and strength. But a common question, especially from customers with an active lifestyle, is how much upkeep do carbon fiber rings really need?

Carbon fiber is extremely resistant

Pure carbon fiber rings come with all the benefits of carbon fiber out of the box! Assuming your ring doesn’t incorporate a more complex material such as wood into its design, then you can usually assume your ring will hold up.

So, if you knock your ring off the counter, take it for a swim, or accidentally drop it in your drink, you can stay pretty confident there won’t be an issue!

How to polish a carbon fiber ring

Carbon fiber is scratch resistant, but like with any material, if you really do your best to scuff it up or chip it away, you can eventually do some damage to it. So if you have a habit of rubbing your wedding ring on the belt sander, you can always bring it back up to polish with a little sandpaper and care.

First, it’s important to identify the amount of damage done to the ring and to keep in mind that the pattern can start to change or distort as you remove more and more material. Most carbon fiber is layered in weaves, and as you start to remove those layers the pattern will shift.

If the damage is very surface level then a scotch-brite pad and some 1000-3000 grit sandpaper should clean it right up! For deeper grooves you may want to start at 400 - 800 grit, and to really remove some material, start at a 220 grit and work up from there.

Once you have it to the shine you want, you can call it there! Carbon fiber rings don’t require any sort of sealant or post processing treatment like wood often does.

*Please note: whenever you work with carbon fiber dust you’ll want to wear some respiratory protection and use a wet or oil sanding method to contain dust as much as possible. Finished carbon fiber rings don’t produce dust on their own, but you never want to breathe in anything you’re sanding!

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