Ring Fit: Guide to Interior Styles

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Ring Fit is a very important factor to consider when picking out a ring. The shape of a ring’s interior determines quite a bit about comfort, aesthetics, and even sizing to a degree. 

Luckily, Ring Fit is fairly simple! It’s essentially the question of how the inside of your ring is shaped, how rounded are its internal edges, and how far does that roundness stretch into the ring? At Element RIng Co. we have a few styles that we produce in order to provide you with the best feel possible while retaining the beauty of each ring’s design.


Standard Fit:



A common style, especially for rings with precious metals on their interior. This style features a honed inner edge, similar to a Square Edge that you’d see on many exteriors. It’s a sharper fit, but still rounded enough to be comfortable, and gives the ring a very “solid” look that is common on wedding rings.

The inside face of the ring is essentially completely flat, making reflective materials mirror in a very interesting way. Its lack of edge also means you’ll ultimately be able to see more of the inner material while the ring is worn.



While this style isn’t uncomfortable, its flat inner face doesn’t exactly conform to the finger as well as some other fits, making it more effective on thinner rings or fingers with less curve. However, this style is called standard for a reason and it’s likely what you’ve already tried if you’ve worn rings in the past!

This fit’s inner face is nearly completely flat, so sizing on this type of fit will typically match well with your measured size. However, when spanning larger widths, the ring may be more constrained due to its hard edge.



Soft Standard Fit:



Our take on the Standard Ring fit, we call it soft standard as it takes quite a bit from the regular Standard Fit, but softens up the edges! This is the style you’ll see on most of our rings at Element Ring Co. It acts as a nice balance between comfort and aesthetics, with a flat interior that rounds out quite nicely on the edges. Your material will still be easily visible from the outside while the ring is worn, though not quite as flat as a standard fit.


A Soft Standard fit is a happy medium for comfort and aesthetics. The much more rounded edges conform more comfortably to your finger, and that’s why this is our most common fit! Still sporting a flat inner face, sizing on this type of fit will typically fit comfortably to your measured size with common ring widths.


Comfort Fit:



This fit has a convex interior face that’s comparable to a domed exterior on many rings. Its edges start low and gradually work up to a soft peak, making for a very interesting reflection. Due to the lack of material at the edges, the inside of the ring is naturally less visible when worn on a finger.



Called Comfort Fit for a reason, and it makes for a very comfortable wedding band! No part of the shape is flat, meaning it nicely conforms to your finger without the harsher squeeze that’s more common on standard fits. Unlike many engagement ring styles however, this gradual fit means your ring may be slightly looser than you’d expect with a standard fit, as only the middle of the inner face reaches your measured size.


With this newfound knowledge on your belt, you’re ready to pick out the perfect ring for you! You can find rings in all fits in our large collection of rings Here!


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