Finger and Ring Symbolism

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Ring Finger Symbolism

The finger you wear your ring on can say a lot about you. If you have never thought about ring finger symbolism, don’t worry, neither has most of the population. However, wearing rings can make a statement for those who get it.

Wearing a ring on your right hand vs left hand.

In western culture, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand ring (4th) finger. According to a Roman derived tradition, there is a vein leading directly from the heart to the 4th finger on the left hand, making it the finger of love. However, there is no set rule. A number of eastern religious traditions have men wearing wedding rings on the right hand. 

Finger Symbolism:

The pinky finger. Pinky rings are generally seen as a statement ring. As the pinky is slightly isolated from the rest of the body, it allows the ring to really stand out.

The ring finger. The fourth finger or ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding or engagement bands. However, a ring on the fourth finger doesn’t always mean marriage. The fourth finger is great for rings in general due to it’s relative isolation from the index finger and thumb.

The middle finger. The middle finger is your largest and boldest finger. Typically rings are not worn on the middle finger due to the proximity to the index finger, potentially hindering activity. However, if the ring is not bulky, the middle finger is a great option because of its prominent central positioning.

The index finger. People tend to shy away from wearing rings on the index finger as they can hinder movement of your most used digit. However, wearing a ring on your index finger is a great option for men. It does not interfere with movement as much as you would think and it has very rich historical context. In medieval Europe, wearing a ring on the index finger signified power and prestige. The index finger usually carried a signet or crest ring to show off an individual’s wealth and familial status.

The thumb. Thumb rings can seem awkward or outlandish to a lot of people, but they are fairly common worldwide. Traditionally men wear a large bulky ring on the their thumbs to show their wealth and influence. It is also a great option if you are wearing multiple rings due to its isolation from the rest of the hand.

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