Do Wooden Wedding Rings Last?

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Ahh yes, the day has finally come. You’ve found your one true love and you are ready to affirm your commitment to your partner in matrimony. You’ve picked the classic ring for her, a nice diamond ring; perhaps it's an oval cut, maybe it’s a non-traditional style. Either way now it’s time for your ring. 

You’re perusing the multitude of options across the web. Tungsten, gold, titanium, dinosaur bone. There are a lot of options but none of them really stand out to you until you see it. A wooden wedding ring, it’s perfect! There’s a depth of texture and grain pattern you can’t quite put your finger on, there’s the organic aspect of it, you've fallen in love and made your choice.

One question comes to your mind. Do Wooden Wedding Rings Last? 

It’s the age-old question in this industry, will my wooden wedding ring stand the test of time perched on my left ring finger? The short answer is yes, but the reality is a little more complicated than that. 

We’ll make the case for and against, and we’ll answer the question: will a wooden wedding ring last my whole life. 


Opening a backpack with a wood ring on a hand


The Case For Wooden Wedding Rings

The pro’s column, we all start here when making a pros and cons list, right? We’re all naturally positive and never immediately think about the negative… right? Let’s flip our mindset and talk about the good things right off the bat.

First let’s talk about the feel. You know the feeling you get when you walk into the forest and you’re surrounded by tall trees and organic material and life just seems at peace? Yeah, we’ve successfully replicated that emotion and put it into a ring. Maybe not that extreme, but wearing a wooden wedding ring feels right. It feels like you're connected to the earth and to the natural world. Not to mention the wood itself is smoother than a baby's bottom and it feels amazing on your hand. 

The physical and emotional feeling of wearing a wood ring can’t be empirically quantified, but the weight of it can. Some men want to feel the heft of their ring, while others want to forget that it is there. Our wooden wedding rings are incredibly comfortable and lightweight leaving you feeling like there is nothing on your hand. 

The feel and weight are great, but the main selling point is the aesthetic. I mean, that’s what brought you here in our hypothetical opening paragraphs, right? We don’t need to tell you that wood is naturally beautiful. It’s complex, colorful, and deeply textured all while being simply unique. Now imagine all of that goodness right on your finger. 

All of those wonderful characteristics of wood lead it to being a super versatile material. You can pair it with metal, carbon fiber, or almost anything and it’ll work in perfect harmony. 


A wood wedding ring


The Case Against Wooden Wedding Rings

The con’s column, now’s the time that we can let our negative thoughts run rampant. We can forget all the healthy thought processes our therapist taught us and start to spiral. Maybe a touch melodramatic, but let’s get into the bad things. 

We have to start with the obvious, durability. Under the right conditions, a wooden wedding ring will last for a lifetime. However, those conditions are not always easy to meet. Wood can be susceptible to abrasions, water damage, delamination, dryness, cracking, and other things that will make your ring go kaput. We do a lot to treat our wood and take care in the creation of our wood rings to make sure these issues don’t happen. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. 

There are clearly a number of issues that can happen with wood rings. Let’s start by talking about the biggest one, water damage. We strongly recommend avoiding prolonged submersions in water. Things like washing your hands, or the occasional shower is fine, but swimming or soaking in a tub is a recipe for disaster. 

Abrasions and cracking is the next obvious issue. Wood is a super resilient and strong material but when you only have a small amount, it can become fragile. We take great care in making sure our wood is stabilized and sealed from the inside to make sure this doesn’t happen but it can happen if the wearer is too aggressive or rough with the ring. You can read more about our building process here. 

Wooden wedding rings can cause some headaches if you’re not prepared and educated about it. It’s kind of like owning a dog, you’ve got to make sure you're ready for one before you jump into it. 

Will a Wooden Wedding Ring Last My Whole Life?

With proper care and maintenance, a wooden wedding ring will last your whole life. It’s important to educate yourself about wooden wedding rings before you purchase one. You can find more educational content about wooden rings here or read more about rings and ring care here. 

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