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In the beginning...

Zach and Jessica met while serving a church mission in Pachuca, Mexico back in 2019. As their relationship became more serious and they moved closer to the thought of marriage, Zach knew he wanted each of them to have rings made of unique materials. A custom mens wedding ring was what they wanted.

Zach is a student at Brigham Young University studying Geospatial Intelligence. After being accepted into a study abroad program, he flew off to Tanzania to conduct research for a month. His team was tasked with remote sensing work around Mount Kilimanjaro, studying different climate zones, habitat use, and land coverage around the mountain. 

Mount Kilimanjaro

[Kilimanjaro, Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash]

From Tanzania, with love.

Before Zach left Tanzania he did some research, looking into cool and unique things to bring home. He learned about Tanzanite - a gemstone only found in a small mining area close to where Zach was studying. He showed Jessica, his then girlfriend, and she loved it! They had been talking about getting married at the end of the summer and this would be a perfect stone for her engagement ring. 

Sourcing a truly custom wood mens wedding band

After that was settled, Zach started to think about his own ring. Would he want a traditional mens wedding band? Or perhaps a customized mens wood wedding ring was more his style. He’s not a picky guy, but after seeing some artwork made from black Ebony wood, he thought it would be special to make his own ring out of a material from the same area as the Tanzanite. However, there were setbacks. It’s not an easy task to bring raw Ebony wood back to the United States - but he could bring back the wood in the form of art. Lucky for him, he was able to find the perfect piece of simple carved Ebony wood at the same place he bought the Tanzanite! Zach was set to have his own custom wood mens wedding ring. 

Couple with Custom Ebony Wood and Titanium Ring

[Photo by Mariko Kay
[Tanzanite ring by Wilson Diamonds]

Creating a unique men's wedding ring

Once he got back to Utah, he started looking for custom ring makers in Salt Lake City. After coming across Element Ring Co’s website online he did a little more research, looking into our designs and reviews, and eventually decided to come into our store to talk with us about the ring he wanted to create!

Durability was important to Zach, as was an affordable price and a clean design - Element Ring Co was able to give him exactly that! 

Custom Ebony Wood and Titanium RingCustom Ebony Wood and Titanium RingCustom Ebony Wood and Titanium Ring






Zach’s custom ring is solid Titanium with an inlay of the black Ebony wood he brought back from Tanzania. Zach and Jessica’s rings match in silver color with a unique addition of materials from another country that was special to the both of them!

Groom with Custom Ebony Wood and Titanium Ring

[Photo by Mariko Kay

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