Dealer Website Update

Hi Dealers!

We have consolidated platforms to our primary website. This means you can login to this website, and your dealer discounts will apply as usual. You may need to click the "forgot password" to generate a new one for this site.

We have made this change to keep things fresh and updated!


Quick note regarding pricing updates. It has been years since we have adjusted the pricing on the dealer site for a host of the ring styles we build. In that time as you might suspect our material and labor costs to make these rings have increased. We pay our builders and staff members a living wage and hope to continue doing so. As a result we have increased pricing on a few  styles while also allowing us to reduce pricing on others that we have become more efficient at building via new and innovative mfr techniques. 


Increases (Retail Price) Apply To Glow Styles (not all);

Decreases (Retail Price) Apply To;