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Carbon Fiber Ring Care

Carbon Fiber Ring Care


100% ALL CARBON FIBER RINGS – Pure carbon fiber rings do not require any day to day up keep. They are incredibly durable and require no finishes or sealants. Our 100% Carbon Fiber Rings are chemical resistant and hypoallergenic. They require no maintenance and can take almost anything you throw their way. Even though carbon fiber composite rings are incredibly durable, chips and scratches can happen. If your ring gets scratched or chipped you can very simply buff it out with sandpaper. For lighter blemishes use a fine grit sandpaper (800-2000) with a little bit of water or oil. For deeper or larger scratches use a heavier grit sandpaper (220-600) and then follow it up with a lighter polish (1000-2000 grit) to ensure a nice smooth finish. 
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