About Us


Meet the team: 


Rylan Hayes From Element Ring Co 

Rylan Hayes: Our in-house composites engineer, mathematical wizard, and Tony Hawk fanboy.


Max Pia: Our fearless leader, our wheeler-dealer, big time operator, and doting father.

Sam Omer From Element Ring Co

Sam Omer: Our General Manager, ring designer, jack of all trades, and weekend adventurer. 

Grant Pearson From Element Ring Co

Grant Pearson: Our Shop Manager, master craftsman, pilot in training, and desert rat.  

Joel Felt From Element Ring Co

Joel Felt: Our Ring Builder, jeweler in training, and boy genius.


Our Story: 

Element Ring Co. (formerly Element Rings) was founded on a simple principle: build rings that not only look good, but that play well with an active lifestyle. We feel strongly that overpriced gold wedding bands are ethically and cosmetically out of place on backpacking trips and ski tours. From there we embarked on a builder’s quest to develop a lightweight yet incredibly durable ring that could be worn in any situation, from black tie dinners to desert excursions.

We are makers at heart. With a constant desire to grow and develop our craft, we care about the rings we make as much as the people who wear them.

Our rings are engineered by Rylan Hayes. With an extensive background in composite manufacturing and engineering, having worked with all varieties of composite materials since 2008. This experience is evidenced by the meticulous detail paid to patterns, weaves, and finishes.

In the pursuit of the perfect carbon fiber ring, he partnered with his long time friend and entrepreneur Max Pia. With his hands in almost every industry imaginable, Max has been crucial in making Element Ring Co. what it is today. Together with Rylan’s engineering background and Max’s business experience, Element Ring Co. has grown from a weekend side project to a full time business. 

We prefer the roads less traveled — discovering new elements for exploration and play. Personalized service, quality products, and playful adventure is what defines us. Join our family and find your Element.


Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and giveaways—you could end up with a free, one of a kind prototype.