Our Wood Wedding Rings

There's more than just one good reason our wood rings are all created with carbon fiber. Of course we love carbon but that isn't the driving reason. Our real natural wood rings are handcrafted with an aerospace grade carbon fiber interior allowing the classic look of wood, but with the added durability and strength only achievable with modern materials. And because of the variation of wood grain, each ring will have a slightly different appearance. It will be a unique snowflake, just like you. Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah, with natural solid wood.

Why Wood Rings

Wood rings make the perfect companion for your wedding ring. Wood rings have a classic and rustic style making them a perfect wedding ring for you or your man. Our wood wedding rings come from upcycled and sustainable sources making them eco friendly so you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to any deforestation.

Wood Ring Durability

How durable are wood rings? We get this question a lot. While much more durable than standard wood rings, you should take care of this hybrid much like you would a traditional wood ring. This includes minimizing it's exposure to moisture and harsh activities such as working in the yard. Or chucking giant boulders like we know you can.