Carbon Fiber Rings

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OUR carbon fiber rings

We have meticulously designed our carbon fiber rings with a sleek and subtle profile. They weigh a scant 1 gram, but don’t let that fool you — our rings deliver the strength carbon fiber is known for. Whether you’re looking for a wedding band or just a ring to keep up with your active lifestyle, Element Ring Co. has you covered. Built and designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, our rings are handmade with 100% pure carbon fiber.

Let’s talk about our carbon fiber rings, because we think our rings are better than the rest. Our manufacturing process is unique in that we create everything from scratch in the USA. We use three main techniques to create our carbon fiber rings and each technique produces a different style of carbon fiber weave.

Twill Carbon Fiber and Unidirectional Carbon Fiber (The Racer/Ultralight, The Bullet, The Quicksilver, The Silverback)

Men's carbon fiber wedding rings

Our twill carbon fiber rings feature the classic carbon fiber look with a 2x2 twill weave. To create this look we use sheets of carbon fiber that are pre-impregnated with a special hardening agent. We then wrap this pre-preg around various special mandrels to create different ring sizes. We then apply external pressure and heat to cure the carbon fiber to create our rings. This is the classic roll wrapping process that is synonymous with carbon fiber production.

Filament Carbon Fiber (The Ranger, The Ranger Ultralight)

Different widths of men's carbon fiber wedding rings

Our filament carbon fiber rings feature an abstract look and each ring will have its own unique pattern and weave. The process of filament winding is typically used in making high end bike frames or parts because it can create an excellent strength to weight ratio. The actual rings are made by wrapping multiple different strands of carbon fiber around a mandrel at various angles. The carbon pieces are then pressured externally and then heat cured to produce the rings.

Wave Carbon Fiber (The Wave/Ultralight, The Engineer, The Mason)

Our wave carbon fiber rings feature a unique “wave” like pattern that resembles wood grain or waves. They are created using a method called resin infusion which produces a beautiful composite plate. We take sheets of carbon fiber laid into a special vacuum mold and mix in our proprietary resin blend. Once the vacuum process is complete, the composite sheet is cured without heat. This process produces a beautiful piece of carbon fiber that is easy to work with.

Because we manufacture everything we sell, we are confident that our carbon fiber wedding rings will last you a lifetime! We have a lifetime quality promise on every single carbon fiber wedding ring and we guarantee that you’ll love your ring. We have been in business since 2013 making high quality carbon fiber wedding rings for over 9 years which is why our men’s carbon fiber rings are the perfect ring for you.

Why Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber rings are the perfect companion for your everyday life. Our carbon fiber rings are ultra lightweight, in fact they are 12 times lighter than gold rings and 3 times lighter than titanium. They make the perfect wedding ring for men who have never worn a ring before. Carbon rings are extremely durable, they are strong but not brittle like ceramic and tungsten rings. Carbon fiber is also completely hypoallergenic so if you have a metal allergy a carbon fiber ring would be perfect for you!

Carbon fiber is a composite material that requires special tooling and knowledge to work with which is why we love it! Carbon fiber is a fantastic option for your wedding ring because it is so lightweight and durable. Carbon fiber wedding rings are an amazing option if you want a casual, minimalistic ring that can do anything and go anywhere.

Carbon fiber is a great material to make a wedding ring because of the natural properties associated with it. Carbon fiber is a hypoallergenic material, which is perfect for anyone who has a metal allergy or sensitivity. It is also naturally extremely strong due to its manufacturing process. We take hundreds of thousands of individual strands of carbon fiber and wrap them into each ring, making each ring incredibly strong. Because of this we all of our carbon fiber wedding rings are super lightweight and often weigh less than a gram!

A carbon fiber wedding ring is a great choice for the first time ring wearer. If you’ve never worn a wedding ring before, we’d strongly recommend a carbon fiber ring as your wedding ring. Because our ultralight rings are so slim and lightweight, they feel like nothing on your finger which makes the transition to wearing a wedding ring super easy.

History and uses of carbon fiber

Raw carbon fiber spools used to make carbon fiber rings

Carbon is the basis of everything in the world, we are all carbon based life forms so it makes sense that humans would eventually find out how to create things out of carbon. Modern carbon fiber dates back to the 1960’s where a Japanese doctor and British scientists individually started producing an early version of the modern carbon fiber weave that we know today. Since then modern carbon fiber has taken off and is becoming increasingly strong, light, and efficient.

When you think of carbon fiber most people think of race cars, spaceships, or other exotic and crazy things. There are all kinds of uses for carbon fiber especially in the things listed above but in reality, most uses for carbon fiber are a little less sexy than a race car. You’ll find carbon fiber in a lot of industrial applications like manufacturing, oil and gas drilling, robotics, and even the medical industry.

Carbon fiber ring durability

We get this question a lot, “how durable are carbon fiber rings?” Well, the answer is very simple, incredibly durable. Our pure carbon fiber rings are some of the strongest rings on the market today. They aren't just durable, they’re incredibly low maintenance as well. You don’t need to polish your ring, there is no need to take it off when washing your hands, working on your car, or when you’re swimming with sharks.

Let’s get into what makes a carbon fiber ring so durable. Carbon fiber without an epoxy resin binder is like a hot dog without a bun, just weird. Carbon fiber alone is not all that durable, but when paired with a high strength epoxy it’s prime potential is fully realized. Raw carbon fiber is called filaments and each ring is made of tens of thousands of individual filaments that are completely invisible to the naked eye. All of these filaments combined with a high strength resin and pressed together combine to form something incredibly strong and extremely lightweight.